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Bonzai3D 2.0 베타 테스트 시작  조회(3270) 리플(0)
추천Site즐겨찾기추가 By 용용이 | 2009.10.20


AutoDesSys에서 Bonzai3D 2.0과 RenderZone 플러그인의 베타버전을 발표했습니다.

기존 bonzai3d의 라이센스를 가진 사용자들은 베타버전의 테스트를 해 볼 수 있습니다.


AutoDesSys is pleased to announce the start of two beta-testings:
(1) Bonzai3d 2.0
(2) RenderZone plug-in for bonzai3d.


All b3d license holders are invited to beta test the new features (see below).

The bonzai3d 2.0 beta includes a watermarked version of the RenderZone plugin. If you are interested in serious testing and feedback of the RenderZone plugin, please send an email to and we will provide a license code to remove the water mark and resolution restrictions. Current users of RenderZone as well as other rendering experts are also invited to test the new RZ plug-in. Please contact AutoDesSys if you fall in this category but do not have a b3d license, at


Some highlights of what to expect in bonzai3d 2.0 and RenderZone plugin:

- b3d 2.0 offers 3D dimensions, 3D clipping planes (non-destructive sectioning), a Walk-through tool, six new NURBS tools for blending, merging, and extending curves and surfaces, overhauled printing, adjustable size of tool icons, improved view navigation work-flow, and more.

- The RenderZone plug-in offers photorealistic rendering, including global illumination and ambient occlusion. It is compatible with formZ RenderZone Plus and allows the smooth transfer of rendering information between the two applications.


We look forward to making these developments available to the 3D industry soon and having you be part of the process. We intend to compensate those who will make significant contributions to improving b3d 2.0 and/or the RZ plug-in, by offering such rewards as a free RenderZone plug-in. However, we want to clarify that simply downloading a beta version or registering as a beta tester will not automatically qualify one for a reward.


We welcome your feedback and look forward to offering you significantly better tools for your design projects. Please send all feedback or reports of problems via email to


A forum discussion is available at


Please note that this is beta software and should be used with the usual caution expected for beta software. Complete the form below to get the beta version. You will receive an email (at the email address you provided) with instructions on how to to download and install the software. Finally, please feel free to also let us know which features you specifically like.

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