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LightWave3D Core 에 대한 새소식  조회(4591) 리플(2)
추천Site즐겨찾기추가 By 할렐루야 | 2009.12.10


Letter to the NewTek LightWave 3D Community about LightWave 3D with CORE Technology
December 8, 2009

Dear LightWave® Community:

We are pleased to announce the key features of the initial version of NewTek LightWave 3D® with CORE technology. (LightWave 3D with CORE technology is a working title and not the final brand) This new technology allows you to make significant leaps in productivity using the new CORE technology, while keeping your LightWave workflow and creative pipeline intact.

While the list of new features and functionality continues to grow in our R&D labs, today we want to share with you the top features planned for the initial release of LightWave 3D with CORE technology.


  • Offers the freedom to change model attributes allowing exploration and modifications at any stage in the creative process. All actions are preserved and updated using the modifier stack.
  • Viewport Preview Rendering (VPR) – The Viewport Preview Rendering engine allows for fast interactive pre-visualization of elements in a rendering, from the rendered view.
    • VPR quickly delivers virtually identical results as the renderer because it utilizes the CORE rendering engine.
    • Fully multi-threaded rendering engine inside CORE is also leveraged by VPR.
    • Capable of interactively rendering global illumination.
  • CORE Renderer – A subset of the rendering capabilities of LightWave v9.6.1, the CORE renderer is fully multi-threaded and leverages modern light transports, materials descriptions via CORE shaders, and global illumination.
  • Functionality based on the popular Open Source Bullet Physics Library, one of the best physics libraries on the market today.
  • All attributes in CORE can be animated.
  • Unlike Layout, CORE has the ability to directly animate modeling tasks in the animation timeline using Expressions, Python Scripting and Constraints.
  • Written from the ground up using industry-standard C++, CORE technology is very efficient in terms of speed and memory. Designed for 64- and 32-bit operating systems, CORE supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Macintosh and Linux operating systems, and is up to five times more efficient in RAM usage than LightWave v9.6.1.
  • Multithreaded and multiprocessor aware, CORE leverages the performance of professional graphics cards to take advantage of the multi-core processing power of the GPU in addition to the CPU.
  • CORE technology is node-based and utilizes a scene graph database, making it very versatile and fast.

For more information view the in-depth Features List detailing the benefits and functionality offered in the upcoming release of LightWave 3D with CORE technology.

Initially, the plan was to deliver LightWave 3D with CORE technology in Q4 2009. However, after careful evaluation of current CORE functionality, the NewTek LightWave team has made the decision to extend the ship date to Q1 2010 to better introduce this new technology within the LightWave 3D community.

Thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support for the first release of LightWave 3D with CORE technology. What lies ahead as we evolve LightWave 3D to include CORE technology is the potential for inspiring leaps in productivity, which will ultimately help our community of artists to realize their creativity. We remain committed to improving CORE technology, and will keep delivering incremental improvements throughout the years to improve upon the features and functionality of our Emmy® Award-winning LightWave technology.


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