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Fractscape - fractal terrain 생성 툴  조회(2554) 리플(0)
추천Site즐겨찾기추가 By 시카고 | 2010.01.06


슬라이드바를 이용해서 쉽게 Terrain을 생성할 수 있는 Fractscape 입니다.

무료버전은 기능제한 없이 사용할 수 있으나 export 옵션에 제한이 있습니다. 풀버전의 가격은 20달러.

구입한 사람에게 모든 업데이트는 무료로 제공되며 1/3에 1.5버전이 나왔으며 부가적인 업데이트도 계획되어 있다고 합니다.


  1. Generate terrains instantly

  2. A variety of controls for roughness, size, height, etc.

  3. Load in or draw heightmaps to control the basic shape of the terrain

  4. Adjustable auto-texturing based on height and slope

  5. Terrain resolution up to 4097x4097, texturemap resolution up to 2048x2048

  6. Virtually unlimited undo/redo of almost everything, so you can always go back to that cool landscape you just had

  7. Load/save even the largest terrains as small Fractscape files — everything is procedurally generated

  8. Export them as 8 or 16 bit heightmaps, or as .obj meshes (triangles or quads)

  9. Export texturemap as 4-channel .tiff splatmap, or as a solid-shaded .png

  10. Explore terrains from a first-person view for an up-close look

  11. Works great with Unity (and was made with Unity).

  12. Universal Binary works on all Macs with OS X 10.3.9 or later, Windows version works with Windows 2000 or later

Fractscape is free to try out in demo mode. All features are available, with the exception of the file exporting options. To unlock these, please purchase a personalized registration code for US$20. This transaction is secure, and no data is used for any reason, other than to send one email with your registration code and that’s it. (We’re not any more fond of spammers than you are!) All updates are free for those who've bought Fractscape — version 1.5 was released on January 3, 2010, and additional updates are planned.



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